Costco Personal Shopper Service

Costco New Zealand opened in 2022 which brings certain competition into New Zealand’s supermarket scene. With the rising CPI, home loans, work and life balance, there is so much going on in every Kiwis’ life. Since our NZmade buyers go to Costco every week, we would like to offer a Costco personal shopper service. No subscription fee. No added price. We only charge $15 NZD per standard box. You do not need to pay the $60 Costco annual membership fee. You do not need to worry about the hassle of shopping and parking. Even if you live in Auckland, if you are living anywhere 25km away from Westgate, then the personal shopper service fee will cover your petrol cost for a trip to Costco.


We have a discounted business account with NZPost. Here are some NZPost Domestic Shipping Indication Prices:

To Auckland
20kg $10NZD 43x30x33.5cm

To rest of the North Island
5kg $15 NZD 43x30x33.5cm
10kg $20 NZD 43x30x33.5cm
20kg $30 NZD 43x30x33.5cm

To the South Island
5kg $35 NZD 43x30x33.5cm
10kg $50 NZD 43x30x33.5cm
20kg $80 NZD 43x30x33.5cm

Place an order
Please send your shipping list or photos to

Once we receive your order, we will issue an invoice for you to pay by internet banking to our assigned account.

We aim to dispatch your parcels every Tuesday. If there are too many parcels, we will add another dispatch on Fridays.

Fulfil Order
Once your parcel is dispatched, you will receive an email with your tracking number and scanned copies of the original shopping receipts from Costco.

Happy shopping and enjoy the best deals with us!