180° Snacks brings you the ultimate bite size snack by combining the King of the Nuts – the Pistachio – with wonderful Himalayan crystal salt. Thousands of years ago, there were crystallized sea salt beds that were covered with lava. This salt was subsequently enveloped in snow and ice for millennia and was protected in an untouched, pristine environment. Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 trace materials and elements that are found in the human body. When consuming this salt, you are actually getting less salt intake than regular table salt because it is less refined and the pieces are larger. The minerals in this salt exist in colloidal form, which means that they are small enough for our cells to easily absorb. These satisfying bite size clusters made from simple ingredients are bursting with flavour to keep you going wherever your day leads you.

Small Batch
Made with California Pistachios
Dairy Free
Gluten Free