The amazing avocado has many distinctive health benefits and is classed as a superfood by many. On top of the many health benefits here are a few: It may reduce cholesterol, improve heart health and lower blood pressure. It’s high in rich Oleic Acid, a very healthy fat. The essential fats found avocados are essential for digestion and nutrient absorption because they nourish the lining of the gut. It’s an all-round super food!

Extra Virgin is the highest grade of avocado oil, produced from the pressing of good quality avocados. Produced at low temperatures, without chemicals the oil is 100% pure and natural. Cold pressing from the first press of the avocado fruit means retains the same high level of nutrients, natural flavour, aroma and colour found in fresh avocado.

Not every oil is created equal. The benefit of avocado oil is that it can be heated to very high temperatures. Why is this good? When oil is heated past its smoke point, the fat starts to break down, releasing free radicals and any health benefit that the oil had is lost.

Every one of our 250ml bottles contains 16 cold pressed avocados. Quality Avocado Oil should have a taste and colour characteristics of the fresh avocado fruit and be a dark vibrant green. We house our oil in dark glass bottles, which keeps out light and oxygen retaining the quality of the oil.