Pure freeze-dried fruit snacks, perfectly preserved 100% fruit that has an amazingly light and crispy texture. Premium selected fruit is peeled, sliced, and freeze dried, resulting in 100% dried fruit with the nutrients and flavours locked in. CrispyFruits is an eat anywhere snack – perfect for your lunchbox, picnic, handbag, or gym bag. They can also give extra sweetness and crunch to your cereal and yoghurt, mixed nuts and seeds for a custom trail mix, or added to your favourite muffin or cake mix. With one taste, you will know you’re look after yourself.

CrispyFruits are nothing but pure fruit: no added sugar, sulfur, colourings, preservatives, or flavourings.

Includes: 6 x Apple 10g, 6 x Mango 10g and 6 x Pineapple 10g”