Kiwi Crush™ is a range of 100% naturally nutrient dense kiwifruit based drinks that help to support your everyday health and wellbeing.

Kiwi Crush™ is prepared through a proprietary process that cleverly locks in and preserves the natural, functional ingredients found in New Zealand kiwifruit. Add a glass of Kiwi Crush™ to your day and think of it as the personal trainer for your insides!

Kiwi Crush™ is a range of functional drinks that are high in essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Our unique production and freezing process ensures that all the natural goodness of the ingredients is locked in and delivered to you in one of the healthiest and most natural ways possible.

Kiwi Crush Freeze Dried is convenient and simple to incorporate into everyday life, easy to transport and easy to store. Available in 80g sachets containing four serves.