Lanocrème Vitamin C & Collagen Face Mask is especially formulated to help firm and smooth skin. The combination of radiance-boosting Vitamin C and Marine Collagen is key to youthful looking skin by helping replenish and restore moisture. This advanced formula is blended with Plant Squalane Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and is full of nutrients including fatty acids, Vitamin E and Magnolia Bark Extract – an ancient skincare ingredient used to soothe the skin for centuries. This mask combines powerful, active ingredients to deliver optimum benefits for more radiant and rejuvenated skin in just ten minutes. OUR ECO-FRIENDLY SHEET MASK  IS MADE FROM BAMBOO FABRIC FIBRE, A FAST GROWING PLANT THAT NEEDS LITTLE WATER TO GROW, HELPING TO PRESERVE OUR PLANET’S NATURAL RESOURCES.