Our Kelp Seasoning is ground from kelp seaweed which has been harvested from the North Island of New Zealand, dried naturally to preserve nutrients, milled then tested for contaminants.

Kelp seasoning is a highly nutritious functional food, primarily for it’s high iodine content, but many following a lower sodium diet use kelp seasoning as an alternative to processed table salt as it offers a naturally salty flavour with high micronutrients and lower sodium content. Simply add it to your smoothie, mix it in with your breakfast, or experiment with the array of recipes provided below.

Kelp has a natural umami flavour so makes an excellent seasoning. For the vegan or vegetarian, kelp offers an array of micronutrients which may otherwise be difficult to find in non-animal protein sources.

Each combo contains 4 bottles:

– Kelp seasoning – Plain 45g
– Kelp seasoning – Chilli 45g
– Kelp seasoning – Garlic 45g
– Kelp seasoning – Lemon 45g