PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsules are formulated to maintain your body’s electrolyte levels and to help replace minerals lost during hard exercise, in hot conditions, or as a result of sickness.

These electrolyte tablets are recommended for:

  • Endurance athletes
  • Workers in hot / dry conditions – farmers, construction workers, etc.
  • Travelers to hot climates
  • Those suffering from vomiting or diarrhea symptoms.

Electrolyte Replacement Capsules feature:

  • 80 size 0 gel capsules per bottle
  • Supplementary mineral salts/electrolytes to keep your muscles balanced:
    • 440mg sodium chloride
    • 150mg potassium citrate
    • 100mg magnesium citrate
    • 50mg calcium citrate
  • Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 for enhanced electrolyte absorption
  • No carbohydrates or sugars
  • Tasteless design, with no nasty aftertaste
  • Easy to consume design – no need to dissolve, just swallow with water or sports drink
  • No added colours or preservatives
  • Gluten-freedairy-free and vegan ingredients.